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We value and care our respected customers. We value the feedbacks and questions which you ask to our customer care services frequently. Some questions are common and are asked on daily basis. For the comfort of our visitors, we have targeted and collected major questions and their answers here below. Hopefully our service would find helpful to you.

    General Questions

  • 1. What is Destita? What services are your utmost priorities?
  • We are travelling based website with the objective to enhance the online travel and marketing for our customers and visitors (for further info visit our About Us Section). In other words we offer you a travel search engine through which you can compare and contrast different airline services, hotels and places from all over the world. How does Destita differ from other travelling websites? What specialities you are offer?

    We as a team are always willing to give you best and easiest directions and guidelines. Our policies and services are easy to understand and user – friendly. We deal people from all over the world with eye of equity. We always try to show you the cheapest prices with the comparable options.

  • 2. Do you offer services through mobile devices?
  • Yes. You can stay tune to us and get our services through your mobile devices. We are offering our Apps on Android and IOS. Moreover, you can follow us on social networks too.

  • 3. Do you give additional information about different places and hotels etc? More likely about their rating and ranking etc?
  • Well, this is not included in Destita policy to give you some personal opinions of ours about certain place or hotel. But through our blogs and articles section you can manage to think about certain place or hotel.

  • Booking and Reservations

  • 4. Can I manage to get tickets from Destita? Are you offering this too?
  • No. It isn’t our policy to provide you services like booking or selling of the tickets. You can do this directly on the website we refer you to.

  • 5. I have decided to contact one of the companies your result showed me. Can I trust them?
  • We only have suppliers and third parties who are honest and trustworthy. You have decided to contact, you must go for this option.

  • 6. I want the booking now. Whom should I contact?
  • You can contact directly to the airline contact number and contact them through the emails as well. Stay tune to Destita for further options

  • 7. What information Destita would like me to share?
  • Destita always want to make sure whatever info you are sharing – it is the correct one. Mainly Destita would like to ask about your name, address, contact info and identity in general.

  • Log In and Registration

  • 8. Am I able to get an account on your website?
  • Yes. Sure. You are able to form an account on our website. This account would help you to get our extra services to you like newsletters, feeds and promotions etc. We value our regular customers and provide extra care to them.

  • 10. I’m not able to log in. What issues might be there?
  • We keep on checking log – in issues on daily basis for our customers’ satisfaction. However, if you find any problem you must make sure yourself that you are registered on our website. Otherwise you can contact our customer care service too for further assistance.

  • Information and Policies

  • 11. In case of the change in your policies, how would I get to know the information about?
  • Our first priority is to serve you. We make changes or amend polices for your safety and security. In case of any addition/deletion or modification of any policy, we would notify you through emails and would also show them on our notification section on our website.

  • 12. Is it possible that I may experience any wrong information through Destita? What next step should I take then?
  • We believe in accuracy and precision. It is very less likely you may get any bad experience. If it occurs so, you can give us feedback or call to our customer care service. We will for sure look into the matter and would take step at once.

  • Destinations and Search Engine

  • 13. Do you spread your services worldwide?
  • Yes. Our services are worldwide. You can get information about your tour worldwide including Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America etc.

  • 14. What information I have to provide in search engine to get perfect results?
  • You must have to give information about the city or airport you depart from to the city or country you want to go, the date time and the month. Moreover, you must have to give information about the number of passengers too.

  • Contact and Feedback

  • 15. How can I contact you for any inquiry or emergency?
  • You can always contact us on Our customer service is always ready to help the customers for any information or emergency situations.