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What Are Cookies – How To Know Them?

Generally cookies are just like memories – they help you to surf and browse in more easily and enjoyable way. Precisely speaking, when you visit different websites, these cookies help you to remember what navigation you made around these websites and what preferences you had made when you visited last time. We only use your cookies data to remember you and for the regulation of data.

Those websites which want to remember you generate some cookies for you. These cookies are very small files and are designated differently. There are usually two types of cookies – one are the temporary known as seasonal type, which disappear as you close the browser. Others are those which are persistent type and stay on your device for some time. These cookies reactivate themselves, whenever you visit the website again.

Cookies are generally safe. They never take your personal information. This means your personal identity is totally secure. Second thing – cookies are never intended to harm your computer. Like viruses or malwares. They never change your privacy settings.

Destita Cookie Policy

Destita never gives your cookie data to third party

Destita always show devotion to its customers. We as a team always try our best to secure your personal identity. It is our fundamental priority to prevent your personal info to leak. Destita ensures its customers that it never sell user info of its visitors to third parties. For further information read our Privacy Policy.

How Destita use your cookie data?

When you use our services – websites or Apps, we generate different sort of cookies for you – which help us to remember you, make your search easy for the next time and help us in the proper regulation of the data.

When you visit our websites, following four cookies would be generated:

  • Strictly necessary
  • Performance
  • Targeting
  • Functionality

Each of them is described briefly below

  • The strictly necessary cookies are important for the proper working of our services. These cookies help you to move around freely and use the website’s features
  • The performance cookies are important for the adequate performance and suitability of our website. These cookies give us information about how people use our website. Moreover, to keep our site up to date, relevant and suitable to use, the performance cookies are helpful.
  • The targeting cookies help customers to get a comparison as it is liked to advertisements. You may see different ads on site which we regulate through these cookies. Moreover, all social networks you follow to access us are also linked to these cookies.
  • The functionality cookies help us to remember you and all the choices or the preferences you made while navigation.

Keep in mind; all these cookies are small text files which are simple and internet friendly. Moreover, these cookies have nothing to do with your private or personal information.

How to manage your cookies

If you think you have some issues with cookies, you can change the cookie settings. There are different ways to manage the cookies. You can visit the Help section in your browser for further information.

You can perform following actions

  • Block the cookie entries
  • Delete the cookies after closing the browser
  • Deactivate cookies from specific site
  • Block third party cookies

Want to know about cookies – contact us

Want to get information about our cookie policy – contact us to our customer care service at info@destita.com.